• Taeko Gupta

UMass For the Kids aims to help local children at Baystate Children's Hospital

Video Created by Julie Harrington

UMass For the Kids is a nonprofit organization with the goal of fundraising money for Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield Massachusetts. This organization is currently the hospital's largest donor, as they do not receive any state funding. The money raised by students goes towards providing aid for children and families in need at the hospital.

Last year, with the help of donations from FTK, Baystate Children’s Hospital constructed a Pediatric Playdeck. This child-friendly area including games and activities preserves the childhood experience in a hospital setting, where oftentimes that playfulness is lost.

Through hosting carnivals, 5K runs, and concerts, FTK consistently donates money and raises awareness about Baystate Children’s Hospital. Their biggest event is a 12-hour long dance marathon inviting miracle children and their families to enjoy food, entertainment, and dance. This event fosters a sense of community between UMass For the Kids and Baystate Children’s Hospital. It is a time to reflect on and celebrate the progress created through fundraising.

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