• Katrina Rojas

Tips: Dressing for The Interview

As college students, we are held to a high standard of professionalism in any industry you decide to pursue. When it comes to interviewing for an internship or a job, first impressions matter. It’s one of those things that can make or break the employer’s decision, and if you bomb it then you better hope your resume stands out enough! With that being said, the way you present yourself is key. You want to look and express that you know what you are talking about and that you are there for the right reasons. Here are some tips to help you make a solid first impression:

Tip #1: Less is more!

When picking an outfit for your next interview, remember these few notes:

- Solid colors over patterns

- Clean, conservative Clothing

- Minimal Jewelry

- Hosiery (If needed, preferred)


- Minimal cologne/perfume

Tip #2: Iron!

One of the worst instances is leaving for your interview and realizing all of your clothes have wrinkles on them. This shows lack of preparation and may affect your first impression. It is better to be safe so, iron your clothes and make sure they are stain-free the night before so that you are ready to go in the morning.

Tip #3: Act The Part!

Even though there is an expectation as to what you should wear to any interview setting, make sure to do your research on the type of business or organization you are applying for. Not every place has the same culture, for example, interviewing for a job at a store may feel a bit different than interviewing for a job on Wall Street. That’s a huge contrast, but you get the point. You may not need to pull out the nicest suit or dress for every interview, but please, for your own sake, refrain from wearing jeans for any interview especially if they have rips in them. Try to figure out what your employer is going to be looking for. This way, you will know what to bring, what style to wear (casual business attire or professional business attire), and how to make sure your skills are emphasized through the respective vision of the business or organization.

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