• Katrina Rojas

Autumn Is Here, Trench Coats Are In

It's that time of the year again! Rainy days and cold mornings are upon us. The leaves are falling and I'm ready to pull out all of my turtle necks and trench coats for the season. This is probably my favorite season because some days the weather calls for layers of clothing and other days you can just wear shorts and a sweater. If you're from Massachusetts, you already know how wishy-washy the days can be, and you better be prepared for it.

When wearing a trench coat in the Fall or Spring add lightweight pieces like long-sleeved cotton t-shirts, cotton-wool blend sweaters, button down shirts and slacks or jeans for a layered look that provides additional warmth.” - Ana Mazzaferro

Underneath my trench coat I am wearing a pair of patterned leggings, a turtle neck short-sleeve shirt, and a thick hoodie. I was super warm, and it goes well with the light weight trench coat because I didn't want to be too warm either. It was the perfect fit for a day out in Amherst! I styled this with a Polo hat (because bad hair days do exist) and my favorite sneakers to walk in.

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