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The Student Nail Tech You Need to Know: Shawna Walker

Meet the student who has only been doing nails for less than a year and is already killing the game! Shawna Walker loves to get her nails done, but after leaving a nail salon dissatisfied one day, she realized that she could do it all by herself. So, she did. Her knack for nail design stems from her lifelong love for painting. Her mother has been a huge inspiration for her ever since she was 3 years old. Their bond over art is an important aspect of Walker’s life: “Every time I go home, we set up all our paints and paint together. She’s adorable, she’s really nice, sweet, and very talented.” Neither of them have ever taken an art class!


Walker enjoys making acrylic and abstract paintings, which made nail design a fairly simple transition for her. When it comes to fashion, nails play a role in the overall look. Whether it is a simple nude or a vibrant bedazzled pattern, nail design is becoming a real “accessory to your clothes” as Walker says. Although doing nails is more of a hobby for Walker, she still plans on spending time to master her craft by practicing on herself and her clients:

“The more I do it, the more I’m like ‘ooh maybe eventually I’ll open a salon’ but I would have to go and get my license for it. But, I really like it and it’s so satisfying to see the beginning to the end of the process… I just bought a bunch of stuff on Amazon to start and Amazon stuff is pretty good. All of my housemates have acrylic nails so I said to one of my housemates, ‘Monique, let me do your nails! If it’s bad I'll pay you’ and she’s like, ‘Fine, do it.’ So I did her nails and I've been doing it since. It’s been saving me a lot of money.”

Contact & Services

Full set with gel: $30

Fill with gel: $20

Designs: +$5-10 (depends on the design)

DM Shawna Walker if interested via Instagram: shawnalucyy

Shawna Walker is a junior pursuing a social justice concentration,

psych major, & econ minor.

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