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Getting To Know Fadjy Valentín

Maplewood, New Jersey is home to Fadjy Valentín, undergraduate Junior at UMass Amherst, where she majors in Linguistics and Spanish. She is Haitian-American and is also minoring in Russian which she decided to take to push her outside of her comfort zone. When Fadjy was in 8th grade, she got her first DSLR camera, thus, sparking her interest in photography, though her interests really increased sometime during high school.

“I’m more into it now..it is something that is really a stress relief.”

Okay, so you're studying Linguistics, Spanish, and Russian. How does that apply to your dream career?

Fadjy: “I, mostly, I want to open a non-profit in Haiti and the U.S for underprivileged children to travel and I think the more languages I know, the better. I also kind of want to document indigenous languages in Latin America, so, I guess knowing Spanish would be an advantage. But really, I just want to help people and travel and have fun."

Seeing as photography is more like a hobby to you, what projects have you been working on lately on the side? And what do you have set for the future?

Fadjy: “Right now I’m working on birthday things. I think I want to start like, uh… I have a Youtube channel but I’m thinking I want to make it more fashion-oriented because I do dress up, but I’m just nervous about people seeing me on campus recording..But, yeah, I’m planning on taking my own photos so we’ll see how that goes."

If you had your own Magazine, what would it be called, what kind of Magazine would it be, and why?

Fadjy: “Okay, so, I had this crazy name for the Magazine, but it was just too out there and everybody was like ‘ahhhh’...It made people feel uncomfortable and that’s what I liked about it. I would highlight mostly people of color and what their doing, essentially...just a platform for people to express themselves kinda thing."

“I’m hoping that I can be a photographer on the side, like really actually do photography because I really like it and I think I’m alright.”




Please feel free to contact Fadjy Valentín for bookings via Instagram: fadjyslens

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