• Katrina Rojas

Featured Student: Trust Okorie

"Fashion is saying it all without saying a word." - Trust Okorie

Photographer: @a_n.d.y on Instagram, Clothing Brand: @ssinsationss

Meet Trust Okorie, Junior at UMass Amherst, from Springfield Mass. He is majoring in Informatics and is involved with many clubs at UMass, like the African Student Association. He is proud to be Nigerian and immerses himself in all cultures at UMass through his participation and eagerness to learn.

"I chose a major in Informatics because I love software technology, but I love so many other things too like helping others in my community and contributing to a globalized world. I may not know exactly what I want to do post-graduation, but the skills I’m learning through my major will help me with whatever career path I choose."

Trust's style is clean, unique, and fluid. He says that his "style grows and changes" the same way he does.

"I want to move away from dressing how I’m expected to and dress how I want to. As my interests and feelings about my character change, so does my reflection of them."

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