• Katrina Rojas

Featured Student: Cora McGarry

Cora McGarry is a Sophomore, double majoring in Marketing and Spanish. She is originally from California but has long since moved to North Andover, MA. One thing she loves to do is travel (she recently went to Spain) and is a member of the UMass Outing Club.

"I am still not exactly sure what my style is, but I would say it is constantly evolving."

Cora's top inspirations of her style stem from the artists she listens to like Mac DeMarco (Canadian singer-songwriter).

As Cora was growing up, she was influenced by many different kinds of styles and exposed to fashion as her mother worked on Newbury St. in Boston for 10 years. Her experience living in Madrid, Spain when she was 16 was also an influence on her, and she would now describe her style as "alternative cool."


"Fashion to me is expressing who you are through your clothes. That is why I love fashion so much because people can see who I am through what I choose to wear. I try to evoke a style that is all my own. "

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