• Katrina Rojas

Entrepreneur, Jaida Fonfield, Tells Her Inspiring Story

Women who empower other women, like Jaida Fonfield, make a statement in society. It’s not always about competition or who has the most money, but rather the feeling of unity and confidence in an uplifting community. A few years ago, Jaida Fonfield had an idea that she would create pantsuits women can wear that would make them feel beautiful and powerful. After being inspired by her mother and her grandmother who gave her the push she needed to go for it, that is exactly what she did. Her versatile pantsuits line, Sinclaire, launched in 2018 with the tagline, Pretty In Suit, featuring bold, clear-cut designed pantsuits for women. Learn more about the evolution of Fonfield’s brand and her future plans for Sinclaire by watching her interview below.

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