• Emily Harding

Eight Spots on Campus for Your Next Study Session

The end of the semester is creeping up, meaning that finals season is quickly approaching. Now that it is time to hit the books to prepare for your final exams and projects, I have listed some of the best locations across the UMass Amherst campus to help you keep focused during this busy time. I challenge you to step out of your room and to check out some of these places to find a comfortable environment to get your work done!

The Isenberg Innovation Hub

If you haven’t checked out the Isenberg Hub yet, this is your sign to do it! This building has many tables and comfy chairs to sit in, with many windows that provide lots of natural light. There are always a lot of people walking around during the day, so if you like to work in a place with background noise, this is the place for you! However, if you are an Isenberg student there are private breakout rooms you can book on the second floor for some quiet time to yourself, or for a study group. The Carney Café is conveniently located in the Hub to grab a quick coffee, snack, or even lunch while you work.

The Design Building

This location has many tables you can sit down and spread out at while working. There is a great amount of natural light, and cool projects hanging around to peek at during your study breaks. This is another location where students are typically walking around, and will provide some background noise. The Post & Bean Café is located on the bottom floor of the building, which is another great spot to grab a coffee and quick bite to eat.

The Studio Arts Building

Located right next to the Design Building, this spot also has lots of beautiful artwork inside the building to check out. This building is typically a pretty quiet space, with a great view of campus, providing a comfortable environment for hitting the books.

The Du Bois Library

One of the most popular places to study is in the heart of campus, on one of the 26 floors of the library. The library has so many great resources to offer, with computers and printers there if you need them. There are both interactive and quiet floors, providing you with a few options to pick from. The bottom and 9th floor are interactive, making it a great spot for group work or studying with some background noise. Floors such as the 2nd, 5th, and 17th are quiet areas, where everyone around you is zoned in on their work. All of these floors provide beautiful views of campus! There are also many study rooms to book if you want a private spot for yourself, and the Procrastination Station on the 1st floor to grab food and drink.

South College

South College is a beautiful brick building located right next to Du Bois. This building has an open study space students will sit at to get work done, yet is it usually pretty quiet. This makes it a great spot to focus in a public setting!

Durfee Conservatory

The Durfee Conservatory is a beautiful greenhouse on campus, near the Franklin Dining Commons. It is filled with beautiful plants and flowers, and is super warm during the winter time! This spot may not be the best place for intense studying, but great for reading and reviewing your notes. It is usually quiet, besides for the occasional conversation between friends passing through. Being in nature is a great way to rejuvenate yourself, and relax during a hectic day.


The Integrative Learning Center is a modern building on campus, where many people will have class at one point or another during their undergraduate career. There are many floors of the building to sit and study at, with a variety of different environments, all providing lots of natural light from the glass windows. The first few floors typically have students walking around, and tables and chairs you can sit at to do work with some background noise. The 3rd and 4th floors are a little calmer, but not quiet floors so you can still speak with your peers. These floors have a beautiful view of campus, with tables and chairs to work at.

The Student Union

Last but not least, one of the most trendy spots on campus is the newly renovated Student Union. This sleek building has many different corners you can find a spot to study in, where students will be focused yet also chatting with their peers, providing some background noise. This is a great spot to run into some friends, and sit together at a table or the comfy chairs to get work done. There are several student run businesses located in the student building to support by grabbing a bite at!

UMass has tons of different study spots across campus, and I think I would be writing for hours if I tried to list them all. There are so many great options; I recommend finding a few that fits your preferences when it comes to studying, and switching it up every now and then to get a change of scenery. I hope this article inspires you to check out and utilize these great study spots on campus, and good luck with finals!

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